Virtual Partner (X) - Virtual running partner for Fitbit Ionic (and Versa)

With Virtual Partner you can define with which duration you want to run a specific distance. The Virtual Partner will run the distance with this fixed pace and during the run you can contol if you are in front or behind your Virtual Partner. The distance to the Virtual Partner can be shown in meters or second - by tapping the distance indicator you can switch between meters and seconds. The training always last as long as the duration defines. If you're running faster then the defined speed for the virutal partner you run a longer distance.
After the run you can save the results as presettings for you next run.

Introview - The starting screen
Warten auf GPS

When you start the application, first a GPS connection will be established. As long as the GPS connection isn't established you see the blinking red button "Use GPS". As long as there is no GPS connection the start button (lower right corner) isn't visible. If you choose "No GPS" or the GPS connection was established the start button will appear.

If you use "No GPS" the step length specified in your user account will be used to calculate the distance.

Below the "Use GPS/No GPS" selection you can see the settings which will be used for the training. The last used settings will be saved. After ending your run you can also save the results as new settings for your next run.

Setting the duration

To change the duration for your run use the tumblers and put in every number seperately.
You can use different time formats by tapping the settings button in the upper left corner. In the following screen you can toogle between hh:mm and mm:ss format.
The duration will be applied by tapping the lower right button.

Changing the format for the duration

To define a duration you can either use the format mm:ss or hh:mm. Tap the approbriate button and apply your choice by tapping the button in the lower right corner.

So you are able to specify a duration between 1s and 99h59m.

If you specify a duration longer then 60 minutes the format hh:mm will be chosen automatically when you restart the VirtualPartner, otherwise mm:ss.

Setting the distance

To change the distance for the run use the tumblers and put in every number separately.

You can put in distances between 1m and 99,999m.

The distance will be applied by tapping the lower right button.

The ActiveView - the screen during the run

The ActiveView consists of two seperate screens which can be changed by wipping from right to left. Dots at the top of the screen show you the number of horizontal scrollable screens. After starting a training you see the screen with the most important information of your run. The second screen shows an animation which illustrates the space between the VirtualPartner and you by animated little men.

The upper left value shows the distance to the VirtualPartner - If you are in front the value will be shown in green, otherwise a negative red value will be displayed - Tapping this value switches between meter and seconds.

In the lower left section the upper value displays the actual duration of the run, the lower value shows the distance you ran by this time.
You have the possibility to end the training by completing the specified duration or distance by tapping the appropriate field.

If you tap on the actual duration of the run the time will be displayed in bold and the run will be ended as soon as you've completed the specified duration for the run.
If you tap on the field which shows the distance you already run, it will be displayed in bold and the run will be stopped as soon as you completed the specified distance for the run.
If you use the setting "end run after completing the duration" you get a vibration signal every five minutes. If you use the setting "end run after completing the distance" you get a vibration signal every 1,000 meters.
You can change this setting as often as you like during the run. The last setting will be restored if you use Virtual Partner again.

On the right side you see the actual heart rate and your actual heart rate zone.

The heart rate zones are defined as:

If all hearts are colored, that means that no heartrate will be measured. Please check your Ionic. The heartrate zones will be taken out of your Fitbit user profile. With the smart button in the lower right corner you can pause the training.

If you wipe over the display in the ActiveView from right to left the animated ActiveView appears. Here you see in the upper part of the screen an animation of two running men who illustrate the distance between you and the VirtualPartner. Hereby you are the blue runner, the VirtualPartner the yellow on.
The maximum distance shown in this animation is 50 meters.

In the lower part of the screen you again see the distance between you and the VirtualPartner, on the right site you see your actual heart rate as well as the heartrate zone. The colors are the same as in the first ActiveView.

By tapping on the distance you can switch between distance in meter or distance in seconds again.

The SummaryView - Overview of the results

The SummaryView consists of three screens which show the different results of your run. Furthermore you can save the executed distance and duration as presetting for your next run.

After finishing your run first of all you see the realized distance and duration. You also see a message if you or the VirtualPartner won the run.

The displayed distance and duration can be saved as presetting for your next run by tapping the save button.

You have to confirm saving these data by tapping "Yes".
After this these values are the start values for your next run. So you can compete with yourself.

After saving the values you get the message "Saved" in the button as a confirmation.

By wiping from right to left in the first SummaryView you see the second screen with the heartrate data for the finished run.

Beside the average and maximum value of the heartrate you can also see the heartrate zones:

On the third screen of the SummaryView you once again can see the setpoints of your run, the executed steps and burned calories.